Building for the Future: Constructions and Renovation of Sterile Processing Facilities

This comprehensive new manual was written to help sterile processing professionals and equipment planners prepare for construction and renovation of sterile processing facilities, as well as plan for equipment purchases, testing, and implementation.

The first-of-its-kind, this publication includes practical resources and tips to explain the design process, support collaborative planning, and prepare a sterile processing department (SPD) for the future.

Specifically, the 144-page book includes information on:

  • Trends affecting design
  • The critical components of the planning process for new construction
  • The management of the design process
  • Tools and methods for collaborative planning and accurate data collection
  • Key operational issues related to renovation projects

In the section on new equipment planning, the book covers decontamination, water and steam quality, equipment specifications, vendor relations, installation, testing, and warranties, among other topics.

Readers will learn about the best mix of reprocessing equipment for a new construction project, critical infection prevention and control planning for construction environments, and how to maintain reprocessing activities during renovations.

The publication includes a number of figures and tables, such as an example of a time study for sterile processing, a sample calendar for moving to a new SPD, an infection control risk assessment matrix of precautions for construction and renovation, and an equipment orientation checklist. There is also an extensive list of sources for additional information.

The publication is ideally suited for sterile processing professionals, managers, operating room managers, hospitals administrators, facility managers, architects, and equipment planners.

“Anyone who is contemplating an SPD renovation or new construction will find this book to be a comprehensive reference in understanding the design process, the role of team members, the type of data that will be needed, and the need to ensure future flexibility for use of the SPD space,” says Cynthia Hubbard, RN, an independent nurse consultant and author of the publication.

“I also hope this book helps SPD and OR managers communicate these key elements more effectively to the other team members,” says Hubbard, who has managed numerous construction and renovation sterile processing projects.

“Hopefully, by increasing their knowledge base on the issues, SPD and OR managers will be better prepared. And ultimately, I hope a greater emphasis is placed on employee-friendly design strategies and planning for long-term flexibility to add volume or new technology without compromising the operations of SPD.”

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