HI 41.5-2021

HI 41.5-2021 was updated from the 2018 edition to improve representation, accuracy and clarity in following ways:
a. For pressure control testing and manual speed control testing, allowance has been made to correct for test data below the reference curve. This change eliminates the need for all control curves to exist above reference curve and allows for a better representation of control curves used in the market and allows for circulator pump CEI values to better represent a pump’s capabilities.
b. The testing flow tolerance has been reduced from ±10% to ±5% of the reference load point flow rate. This change limits the pump efficiency ranges allowed for a given test point and minimizes unnecessary variation in CEI values for a given test.
c. Correction of power to the reference curve above the reference curve has been removed. This change eliminates a discontinuity in CEI values when transitioning between corrected, and un-corrected values and allows for better representation of pump CEI.
d. A correction was made to the Zmax and Zreduced coefficients in the external input signal controls. This was done to correct the transposition of the coefficients in the previous edition.
e. Some prescriptive testing requirements were removed from HI 41.5 and instead references to HI 40.6-2021 Methods for Rotodynamic Pump Efficiency Testing are included.
f. Terminology changes from the prior edition were made so that Circulator Energy Index (CEI) and Circulator Energy Rating (CER) are distinguishable from the DOE regulatory required Pump Energy Index (PEI) and Pump Energy Rating (PER) for commercial and industrial pumps.

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