NACE RP0892-2001

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Concrete is used in power facilities, chemical processing plants, pulp and paper mills,petrochemical plants, water and wastewater treatment plants, food and beverage plants, andmining operations. Concrete frequently provides structural support for steel in industrialapplications; it is also used for catch basins, troughs, machinery mounts, spill containment, andimmersion service. Concrete, unlike steel, is not a predictable, uniform substrate. Concrete isvery porous and in many industrial exposures is likely to absorb chemical contamination andwater, which can cause spalling and eventually loss of structural integrity.

When providing corrosion protection for concrete substrates, consideration must be given to theuse of liquid, organic, chemical-resistant coatings and their proper application and inspection. Thisstandard recommended practice sets forth guidelines for the application of quality protectivecoating systems to properly prepared concrete surfaces. Information contained herein is intendedas a guide for personnel who prepare specifications, standards, and procedures for the coating orlining of concrete surfaces. The information provided in this standard is based on the best currentknowledge and experience of committee members and not necessarily on reproducible scientificevidence.

This standard was originally prepared in 1992 by NACE Task Group T-6A-59 on Coatings/Liningsover Concrete for Immersion Service, which was a component of Unit Committee T-6A on Coatingand Lining Materials for Immersion Service. It was technically revised in 2001 by Task Group (TG)141. This Task Group is administered by Specific Technology Group (STG) 03 on ProtectiveCoatings and Linings??Immersion Service. This standard is published by NACE Internationalunder the auspices of STG 03.

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