This Practice provides requirements for design and manufacture of horizontal centrifugal pumps of 150 kW (200 HP) or greater used for general water services.

Comment: General water services include condensate, cooling water, demineralized water, utility water, produced water, treated water, etc.

This Practice covers pumps with service conditions within the following limits:
a. Maximum discharge pressure 35 Barg (500 psig)
b. Minimum pumping temperature 0°C (32°F)
c. Maximum pumping temperature 150°C (300°F)
d. Maximum rotational speed 3,600 rpm

Comment: For services within the capabilities of ANSI/ASME pumps, use PIP RESP73H.

Pump types covered by this Practice are broadly classified as overhung or between-bearings. The following pump types are not included in the scope of this Practice:
a. Close coupled (i.e., impeller mounted on the motor shaft)
b. Two-stage overhung
c. Double suction overhung

Fire water pumps are covered by NFPA 20 and are not covered by this Practice.

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