Sterile Processing In Healthcare Facilities: Preparing for Accreditation Surveys, 2nd edition

Now in its second edition, this publication is written as a guide to healthcare facilities seeking to comply with accrediting agency surveys (e.g. CMS, TJC, AAAASF) as they relate to the reprocessing of surgical instruments and other reusable medical devices in any healthcare setting.

This popular resource is filled with valuable tools for preparing for accreditation surveys and maintaining compliance with accreditation requirements. The book features:

  • Information on multiple accreditation organizations and their most current requirements as they relate to sterile processing: new to this edition are information on TJC second-generation tracers, TJC’s performance improvement standards, and TJC accreditation standards for office-based surgery practices
  • The current National Patient Safety Goals
  • Information on the most current relevant evidence-based guidelines published by professional organizations’such as AAMI, AORN, and CDC’including recent amendments to ANSI/AAMI ST79
  • Information on CDC’s Guide to Infection Prevention for Outpatient Settings
  • The CMS Pre-Decisional Surveyor Worksheet, Infection Control Surveyor Worksheet for ASCs, and Worksheet on Assessing Hospital Compliance with the Conditions of Participation for Infection Control (Pilot Program Draft Version)
  • New to this edition: audit tools for immediate-use steam sterilization best practices and high-level disinfection best practices
  • An extensive bibliography, with multiple new references

Sterile Processing in Healthcare Facilities: Preparing for Accreditation Surveys, 2nd Edition, includes information on policies and procedures, the creation of audit sheets, root cause analysis, failure modes and effects analysis, tracer methodology, and much, much more.

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